CBC Week part 2

On Friday of the Craft Brewers Conference week I went to the San Diego Brewing Company, one of my favorite bars in town. The night before was SDBC’s IPA night celebration and luckily they still had a lot of great brews on tap.

When I saw they had Pliny the Younger on tap I had to start with it in case they ran out. I’d never had it before and was glad to have an opportunity. Pliny the Younger is a triple IPA made by Russian River, who also makes Pliny the Elder, a double IPA. You’d think that the Elder would be stronger than the Younger, but it isn’t. Maybe they didn’t plan on making a Younger when they created the Elder.

Anyway, the Pliny the Younger was excellent. Very strong, both in alcohol and in flavor.  They served it in a small glass, which was a good thing given that it is 11 percent alcohol.

Next I had a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Dogfish Head hasn’t been available in Southern California for a while but it is back to stay as of Friday night, or so that’s the word. I liked the 90 Minute IPA but need to try it again. I’d just had the Pliny the Younger so my palate was a little cooked.

SDBC makes some excellent house brews — their Hopnotic is one of my favorite IPAs — and they had a new one called Peep Show. It’s an American Pale Ale made with Peeps, the Easter candy marshmallow things. It had a little bit of a pink hue to it. You couldn’t really taste marshmallows, but it did have a nice smooth taste to it. I’d be happy to drink it again.

For the record, here are some other beers they had on tap that night:

  • Russian River Pliny IPA
  • Alpine Pure Hoppiness (on cask)
  • Alpine Exponential Hoppiness
  • Alpine Duet
  • Sierra Nevada Chico IPA
  • Pizza Port El Camino IPA
  • Pizza Port Black Lie IPA
  • Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA
  • Alesmith IPA

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