The Maharaja

The Maharaja

If you know sanskrit like I know sanskrit, then you know that Maharaja means “worth $7.50 for a 22-oz bottle.” OK, so the label on the bottle says Maharaja is sanskrit for “great king.” Same difference.

Anyway, The Maharaja is made by Avery Brewing, which is based in Boulder, Colorado, and makes some very nice beers. The Maharaja is one of those special beers, only available at certain times and in limited quantities. They even go so far as to put info on when it was brewed and which batch it came from on the label. The bottles I got from BevMo say “Bottled in Feb. 2008, Batch 7” on them.

Maharaja label













And you know what, the Maharaja is special. It’s hoppy and bitter like you’d expect a strong (almost 10% alcohol) DIPA to be, but it’s very well-balanced and has a slightly creamy finish that makes it go down nicely. As soon as I finished my first one I began looking forward to the next. But with it being so high in alcohol, not to mention pricey, it’s probably best not to drink too many in a row or you’ll be looking for the sanskrit word for, “I’m too drunk!”

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