The Aero Club

Every time I go to the Aero Club, I wonder why I don’t go more often.

It’s got a good draft beer selection. We’re talking Racer 5 and Red Rocket from Bear Republic; Stone Pale Ale, IPA, Levitation and Arrogant Bastard; the comfort food of San Diego beers, Alesmith X; and some boring stuff like Boddington’s, Amstel Light, Newcastle and Bass. The selection doesn’t really rotate like at some places, but there’s nothing wrong with consistency when something is consistently good. And not that I’d care, being a dedicated beer drinker, but it’s also got an extensive booze selection.

The Aero Club also has great servers. Every time I’ve been there the bartenders have been friendly and attentive, making sure I’m taken care of. It’s funny, but I get the feeling they appreciate someone who knows craft beers. When I was there last Saturday, the bartender who served me seemed to smile and nod in approval each time I made my order (Red Rocket, Stone IPA, Alesmith X, Racer 5). I thanked him when I paid my tab, and he thanked me for coming in. Good cheer all around.

Granted, you can get great beer and good service at a lot of places around San Diego. The thing that really makes the Aero Club stand out is the jukebox. It seems like most “beer bars” around here either music so quietly that it’s almost inaudible, which usually is a good thing because most of them play crap music. But the Aero Club has a good, if a little dated, jukebox, and the tunes play at a good volume that’s loud enough to be part of the atmosphere but not so loud that it’s dominant. There are lots of indie rock CDs that would’ve been hot about 10 years ago. Early Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Shins, Pavement, etc., along with some decent classic rock like Queen and Steve Miller Band. There are enough good tunes that I can always play a couple dollars worth and find plenty of decent selections.

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  1. That place looks like heaven

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