A way around the beach booze ban?

Legal (if the cup isn\'t glass) drinking at the beach

The good people at FreePB.org are dedicated to protecting one of our most important freedoms, the freedom to drink beer at the beach. But as we all know, the San Diego City Council passed a one-year “trial” law banning alcohol at all area beaches. Or did they?

FreePB.org has gone through the city code and posted a link to a map that shows all of public parks where alcohol drinking is permitted (if you’re 21, of course). And if you look at the map, you’ll see some parks that are pretty much on the beach at a few spots in La Jolla. They also provided a link to the city code (scroll down to page 12) that lists which parks you can drink at, and the hours when drinking is prohibited (either 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. or 8 p.m. to noon).

FreePB also offers some tips for those who are inclined to challenge the laws. They say that, legally, police can’t search your stuff for booze at the beach, and this includes sniffing your beverage container, unless they have probable cause. If a cop asks whether he can smell your beverage cup, you are advised to say, “No.” Police also can’t make you pour out unopened alcohol containers merely for possessing them, according to FreePB.

If you really want to drink booze at the beach or the bay — and who doesn’t? — it appears you can do it legally as long as you’re in the water, past the mean high tide line and aren’t touching the sand, according to FreePB. So grab a raft or inner tube and have at it!


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