Beer and saltwater – together again … for a limited time


The Old Mission Beach Athletic Club, organizers of the annual Over-The-Line tournament, aren’t letting the beach (and bay) alcohol ban stand in their way. They’ve gotten a special permit that will allow people to drink alcohol during this year’s tourney, which runs this weekend and next (July 12-13 and 19-20.

Amazingly, the special permit even allows people to bring their own alcohol to the event. Here’s a photo that shows where alcohol will (and won’t) be allowed (click on it to see a larger version).


For those unfamiliar with the Over-The-Line tournament, it’s a form of softball with three-person teams and generally involves a lot of drinking. The tournament is open to 1,200 teams that play 2,400 games over the two weekends, with an expected 52,000 people attending (not sure if that’s 52,000 each of the four days or 52,000 total, meaning about 13,000 each day).

For more info on the event, including how to get there by bus or trolley, go to the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club site.

Note: The image of the woman doing a beer bong above is stolen from the shotlivephoto flickr set. Another flickr set can be found here. Note: These sets contain images with nudity and debauchery. Click at your own risk.


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3 responses to “Beer and saltwater – together again … for a limited time

  1. Kurt Bevacqua

    Interesting…thanks for this post….Hard to believe there’s a special permit that allows for BYOB. (Not that I’m complaining!)

    I’ve found that nudity goes best with a side of debauchery.

  2. Keep fighting for your right to drink. Small victories all add up.

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