Sierra Nevada Super 7

With 50 taps, some award-winning house brews and my favorite bartender in town (Tyson), the San Diego Brewing Co. is always worth going to. And if you go there this week, you can try a special release from Sierra Nevada, an imperial pilsner called Super 7.

Here’s some background on Super 7, courtesy of Brewsky at the Bar:

Sierra Super 7 was brewed at Beer Camp #1, a program in which bar owners are invited to Chico to tour the Sierra Nevada brewery and develop a recipe to be brewed in Sierra’s 10-barrel pilot brewery. Super 7 will be on tap at the Beer Camp participating bars: San Diego Brewing Co. and its sister restaurants, Callahan’s and Jose O’Reilly’s in San Diego and JJ Brewsky’s in Camarillo. Tavern Service Co. in Northridge will be selling kegs.

The beer was named for all the “7”‘s that kept popping up during planning and brewing this beer, including the final ABV of 7.77 percent.


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3 responses to “Sierra Nevada Super 7

  1. Terry Bacus Jr.

    What happens if you drink seven of these?

  2. beerandburritos

    You’d probably start singing the old “Feelin’ 7UP, I’m Feelin’ 7UP” jingle that Otto’s coworker sang in Repo Man.

  3. witchybitch

    Sounds great.

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