Can do

Drinking beer out of a can usually means drinking beer I’m not all that crazy about. Yeah, you can find Newcastle in cans and that’s certainly not bad, but it’s not exactly a microbrew.

There is a new exception, though. Colorado brewery Oskar Blues recently began distributing its beers to San Diego, and the one thing that sets Oskar Blues apart from other craft brewers is that it sells its beer in cans (and on draft) but not in bottles. I can only assume they got a great deal on a canning machine or something, as I don’t know any craft beer aficionados who actually prefer beer in a can over beer in a bottle.

I tried the Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale and Gordon IPA on tap at some local bars and while I thought both were decent, I didn’t see myself ordering them again unless there was a specific reason to. That reason came last weekend, when Mrs. Beer & Burritos and I went to the Over-The-Line tournament at Fiesta Island. Thanks to a special permit, people were allowed to bring beer to the tournament, but of course the beer had to be in cans and not in glass.

I picked up some cans of Dale’s Pale at the La Jolla BevMo and they turned out to be a very nice companion to the Over-The-Line debauchery. For now at least, it will be my go-to beer when I have to drink something from a can.

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  1. John Switzer

    When it comes to cans, the bigger, the better. Foster’s Lager in the oil can is one of my favorites. But I know what you mean about drinking from a can. In the sober light of day (!), I’d prefer a bottle.

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