Stone 12th Anniversary Celebration

I’m happy right now because I just got a ticket to the Stone 12th Anniversary Celebration this coming Saturday. I wasn’t going to go, but Mrs. Beerandburritos has graciously agreed to be my designated driver, and unlike other beer fests I’ve been to, this one has reduced-price designated driver tickets.

That’s good because usually if I talk Mrs. BnB into being designated driver at a beer fest, it involves me using up all of my drink tickets and most of hers, and that leads to things getting a bit … sloppy.

I’ve never been to any of Stone’s anniversary parties, but I’ve heard they’re a lot of fun. They’ll have a bunch of great beers there available for tasters and a bunch of happy people in attendance.

For the first time, the event is at the Cal State San Marcos campus, but don’t expect a bunch of students there, as school’s out and they specifically avoided advertising to the student population.

Tickets are $35 (charitable donation and you can pick one of three charities) and you get 10 tasters. Designated driver tickets are $10. My experience at these kinds of beer festivals is that they’re usually not real picky about taking your taster tickets, meaning you might get more than 10 out of it.

There are two three-hour sessions — one at 11:15 a.m. and one at 3:15 p.m. — and we are going for the later session. I’ll be the dorky white guy there, so feel free to say hello. (OK, that doesn’t really narrow things down so you might just have to start shouting my name.)

You can buy tickets online and that’s recommended because they do sell out. The designated driver tickets are only available at the door and do not sell out.

One thing – when buying the tickets online, you have to agree to a waiver that’s a little bit heavy. I’ve pasted it below.  Cheers!

I hereby waive, release and discharge any and all claims for damages, for death, personal injury or property damage which I may SUSTAIN, or which hereafter accrue to me, against Stone Brewery Co. and Cal State University San Marcos as a result of my participation in the Stone Brewing 12th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival. THIS WAIVER IS INTENDED TO DISCHARGE STONE BREWERY CO. AND CAL STATE UNIVERSITY SAN MARCOS,THEIR AUXILIARY ORGANIZATIONS, TRUSTEES, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AND AUTHORIZED VOLUNTEERS FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH MY PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT, EXCEPT WHERE CAUSED BY THE ACTIVE NEGLIGENCE, SOLE NEGLIGENCE OR WILLFUL MISCONDUCT OF THE AFOREMENTIONED. I understand and agree that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is binding on my heirs and assigns. If I do not follow the rules of the event, I understand that I may be removed from the event. I give my permission to Cal State University San Marcos and local sponsors to use my name, any photographs, or any other media including video or any other audio format.


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2 responses to “Stone 12th Anniversary Celebration

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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