Good beer vs good music

For those who like to plan more than a few days ahead, Sept. 19 is going to bring a tough decision. That’s the night that the San Diego Festival of Beer will be held, and based on last year, it will be a fun time. It’s less expensive than the Stone festival, much more convenient for San Diegans and far less crowded. There were some great beers there last year.

The problem is, Sept. 19 also is the first night of this year’s Street Scene festival. Yeah, the festival has struggled the last couple of years, but it’s got a great lineup this year. I’m opting to go to Street Scene because of the lineup. I’ll be thinking of those who go to the beer fest and are enjoying things like Pizza Port Hop Suey and Ballast Point Schooner while I’m stuck drinking whatever crap beer they have at Street Scene.

By the way, if you are going to the beer fest, you can save $5 if you buy your tickets in advance.


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3 responses to “Good beer vs good music

  1. Kevin Shields

    Great bands at the FOB on the 19th, too, like MGMT, Foals, Spoon, TV on the Radio — tough call!

  2. beerandburritos

    The lineup is for Street Scene. The SDFOB will only have a couple of local bands. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

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