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Look, a new headliner!

The Street Scene has announced its replacement for Saturday headliner the Black Crowes, who cancelled because of an undisclosed illness.

It’s Devo.

I’m sure some will complain that Devo’s not the draw that the Crowes are. And some will complain that Devo just played at the Del Mar race track a few weeks ago.

But if you think about Street Scene’s history, Devo as a headliner makes perfect sense. The festival evolved from a small event on the streets of downtown to a giant event at Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, then de-evolved back to being a smaller event on the streets of downtown this year. When it comes to de-evolution, Devo wrote the book.

Plus I like them better than the Crowes. So I’m happy.

Check out the updated Street Scene schedule and make your plans.

Meanwhile, here are some Devo vids for your enjoyment.


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Sculpin release date announced

I recently posted the very good news that Ballast Point is making more Sculpin IPA. Now I’ve got the release date information, via the Ballast Point blog. I was under the impression it would only be available in growler fills, but apparently they’ve bottled some as well. (They’ve also upped the per-bottle price by two bucks over the last time.)

Anyway, here’s the info:

Ballast Point Brewing is proud to announce the release of our world famous Sculpin IPA in 22oz bottles and on draft.  Beginning Saturday 9/13 10am at our brewery in Scripps Ranch only and on Sunday 9/14 12pm at our Linda Vista location.  This beer will only be made available at our two brewery locations, not anywhere else, so come visit us.  As always, supply is extremely limited, so be sure to get here soon.  When it’s gone, it’s gone until we’re not sure when.  Thanks to all of San Diego for their continuing support of good beer and of Ballast Point.  See you this weekend.  Cheers!
22oz – $7.99 (limit 12; no case discount)  1/2gal growler fill – $20.

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Those barrels might not look all that exciting, but some would say they have treasures inside. They’re whiskey barrels used to age beer at the Alesmith brewery.

You can get a bottle of beer from one of those barrels in a couple weeks if you’re willing to stand in line and pay $20. Of course, they might sell out before your turn comes, but them’s the breaks.

It’s a batch of barrel-aged 2007 Speedway Stout and the sale happens at noon on Sept. 26. Having recently attended a special Alesmith tasting that featured four different vintages of Speedway Stout, I can vouch for the fact that it gets better with age, and the barrel-aged versions are excellent.

Here’s the info from Alesmith:

We are releasing another batch of Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout this year!  On Friday, September 26th at noon we’ll be releasing our 2007 batch of Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout.  Maximum purchase will be two (2) bottles, for $20 each, and we will reserve the right to change the allotment during the sale.  Once again, we’ll be conducting the sale from the back of the brewery and Jessica will be in charge of the tickets, so look for her when you get there! 

The Alesmith special-release events typically are very popular and the beers sell out fast, so if you want in on the action, I recommend getting there early. Oh, and not to be a grandma about it, but wearing sunscreen would probably be a good idea.


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Let the High Tide countdown begin

Before the month is over, Port Brewing is going to release this year’s High Tide Fresh Hop IPA.

If you’ve had High Tide in the past, then you know it’s something to look forward to. As I said before, I’m a big fan of fresh hop beers, and the High Tide is one of the best.

And there will be more of it than ever this year, according to brewer Tomme Arthur’s blog. Port first bottled High Tide in 2006, making one 30-barrel batch that sold out in two weeks. Last year they bottled three times that much and it sold out in two weeks as well. This year they’re making eight batches (240 barrels), the largest seasonal release they’ve ever done.

Here’s something to tide you over until the High Tide arrives.

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Sunday, growler Sunday

The Coronado Brewing Co. has a nice Sunday growler special during the NFL season.

Half-gallon fills are just $5 on Sundays beginning this weekend and running through the Super Bowl.

They have some nice brews there.

What more do I need to say?

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“Like hanging out at our parents’ house”

If you didn’t go to the beach over the Labor Day weekend, you’re not alone. According to a story in today’s Union-Tribune, fully half as many people went to San Diego beaches during the holiday weekend this year compared to last year.

The weather was perfect and gas prices are down a little bit, so those factors aren’t being blamed the way they were when beach attendance was down over Memorial Day. The main reason being cited for the drop is the beach booze ban.

From the story:

Sharelle Milo called the situation “ridiculous.” Sitting inside a shade tent with friends, the Coronado resident said she planned to enjoy a beer covertly. Her fellow office workers intended to spike their drinks on the sly.

Milo laughed about resorting to such tactics. “It feels like we’re hanging out at our parents’ house,” she said.

At Pacific Beach, the party crowd seemed disappointed with the laid-back atmosphere.

“It’s not fun at all,” said Marcus Alvarez, 25, of Pacific Beach. 

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