Let the High Tide countdown begin

Before the month is over, Port Brewing is going to release this year’s High Tide Fresh Hop IPA.

If you’ve had High Tide in the past, then you know it’s something to look forward to. As I said before, I’m a big fan of fresh hop beers, and the High Tide is one of the best.

And there will be more of it than ever this year, according to brewer Tomme Arthur’s blog. Port first bottled High Tide in 2006, making one 30-barrel batch that sold out in two weeks. Last year they bottled three times that much and it sold out in two weeks as well. This year they’re making eight batches (240 barrels), the largest seasonal release they’ve ever done.

Here’s something to tide you over until the High Tide arrives.


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One response to “Let the High Tide countdown begin

  1. Kevin Shields

    I dig the High Tide logo…and Debbie Harry! (Haven’t seen that video in some time — thanks!)

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