Heaven for 99 cents


I was sitting in a taco shop the other day, eating a bean and cheese burrito and loving it. A couple tables over were two young men eating burritos. Well, one of them was actually on his cell phone, referring to the person on the other end as “dog” and trying feverishly to plot out the next 60 minutes of his life. Then he hung up and took a bite of his food. Brief pause. “There’s nothing like a bean and fucking cheese buritto, dog,” he said to his dining companion. “Seriously, dog. I’ve got nothing but love for these bad boys.”

If I didn’t have hot sauce and sour cream on my fingers, and didn’t mind being called “dog,” I might’ve high-fived him.

I love taco shops, and the bean and cheese burrito is always the first thing I order when I go to one for the first time. There’s just something so perfect, so pure about a good bean and cheese burrito. Whoever invented them should get a Nobel Prize, or a Pulitzer, or a Heisman Trophy or something. A taco shop has to make something else really well to get my repeat business if it makes a bad bean and cheese burrito.


Picking a favorite taco shop is impossible, but the one I go to the most these days is Reyberto’s (3017 Clairemont Drive, next to Keil’s). Or maybe it’s Rey Berto’s. They’re a little inconsistent with their signs. Anyway, they make a killer bean and cheese burrito, and for dirt cheap. The regular price is $1.86 — no extra charge for cheese like at the Roberto’s down the street. And on Mondays they’re on special for just 99 cents.

All but one of the people who work there are friendly, and the one who’s not friendly is simply indifferent, not a grouchypants or anything. I’m happy to give them my business.

Another thing I judge taco shops on is their salsa, and Reyberto’s doesn’t disappoint there. They make their salsa fresh every day, one of the women employees told me, and it’s always delicious. They have a salsa/peppers/carrots bar where you can ladle salsa into little styrofoam cups. That can get a little messy, so I’ll usually ask for one of the bottles they keep refrigerated behind the counter.

Aside from usual taco shop fare, Reyberto’s also has gyros. I’ve never tried them, but you can get gyro quesadillas, gyro burritos and other stuff. They also sell hand-carved wood furniture, like headboards for beds and wooden statues of the snake-slaying bird on the Mexican flag. There are a few of the wood items in the shop, plus a binder with photos of others that they’ll presumably bring in for you if you’re interested.


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One response to “Heaven for 99 cents

  1. Kevin Shields

    Gyro burritos? Why does the sound of that gross me out?

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