Urge, but no overkill

On Sunday we went to Urge, a new “American gastropub” that opened a week ago and is tucked away in a Rancho Bernardo strip mall, and we are happy to give the place a hearty thumbs-up.

Urge has 50 beers on tap, plus a cask, and the offerings were very good, including Pliny the Elder, Racer X, Festina Peche, Old Viscosity, Sierra Nevada Brown, a cask of Stone IPA with coriander and dozens more.

Urge also has an impressive bottle list, with prices that range from good to outstanding. For example, they have 22-oz bottles of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout for $9, which is cheaper than retail. Same with Stone’s Sublimely Self-Righteous IPA, which was selling for $4 for a 22-oz bottle, which is also less than retail. Here’s hoping those prices continue and aren’t mistakes.

The food menu is light on healthy options and heavy on burgers, but they are fancy burgers and the food we had was  good. Mrs. Beerandburritos had the Welsh Rarebit and liked it a lot, and our BBQ Bacon Burger (with bacon that had been soaked in Pliny) was tasty.

The bar area is large and airy, with high ceilings and plenty of seating. There’s also a good-sized dining area and a nice waiting space with overstuffed leather couches. It all has a quality, upscale feel but without being pretentious. And the prices were good overall.

Because Urge is 30 minutes from home, it’s not a place we’ll go often. But when we’re up that way, it’s definitely a good option.

You can find it at 16761 Bernardo Ctr. Dr., San Diego, CA 92128.


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