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Look, a new headliner!

The Street Scene has announced its replacement for Saturday headliner the Black Crowes, who cancelled because of an undisclosed illness.

It’s Devo.

I’m sure some will complain that Devo’s not the draw that the Crowes are. And some will complain that Devo just played at the Del Mar race track a few weeks ago.

But if you think about Street Scene’s history, Devo as a headliner makes perfect sense. The festival evolved from a small event on the streets of downtown to a giant event at Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, then de-evolved back to being a smaller event on the streets of downtown this year. When it comes to de-evolution, Devo wrote the book.

Plus I like them better than the Crowes. So I’m happy.

Check out the updated Street Scene schedule and make your plans.

Meanwhile, here are some Devo vids for your enjoyment.


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