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“Like hanging out at our parents’ house”

If you didn’t go to the beach over the Labor Day weekend, you’re not alone. According to a story in today’s Union-Tribune, fully half as many people went to San Diego beaches during the holiday weekend this year compared to last year.

The weather was perfect and gas prices are down a little bit, so those factors aren’t being blamed the way they were when beach attendance was down over Memorial Day. The main reason being cited for the drop is the beach booze ban.

From the story:

Sharelle Milo called the situation “ridiculous.” Sitting inside a shade tent with friends, the Coronado resident said she planned to enjoy a beer covertly. Her fellow office workers intended to spike their drinks on the sly.

Milo laughed about resorting to such tactics. “It feels like we’re hanging out at our parents’ house,” she said.

At Pacific Beach, the party crowd seemed disappointed with the laid-back atmosphere.

“It’s not fun at all,” said Marcus Alvarez, 25, of Pacific Beach. 


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